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Congratulations to the Top 8 Winners of the 2022 R.I.S.E. Challenge!

These startups will be trained by seasoned RONIN mentors on Legal, Financial, Marketing, Team Development, and Effective Pitching -- equipping them to pitch to qualified investors on August 9, 2022!

RISE Challenge winners photo.jpg
Watch out for them as they RISE further to become leading lights for Philippine startups!

Digest PH Digest is a one stop shop for startup legal needs such as incorporation, fundraising, and contract preparation and review. It was founded by Atty. Raymond Rodis in 2019.


Empath is a social enterprise that envisions accessible mental healthcare and psychoeducation through providing online therapy, wellness and mental health training services. Incorporated in 2020 by its CEO and Founder, Steph Naval.


FilPass helps schools save and make money by providing them with a document lifecycle management system. The founders are Ryan Soh, Jay Olos, Pranav Burnwal, and Rebekah Uy Kieng.


Fitscovery is a one-stop-shop for fitness to help connect vendors and consumers. Founders Michael Jiang, and Francis Aguilar aim to make Fitscovery internationally known. adds value to insurers and platform partners through the digitalization of insurance. Its founders are Hamilton Angluben, Gani Cuyugan, and Franco Nazareno.


Pic-A-Talk is an assistive mobile application for children with complex communication needs. Inspired by CEO Uma Roa's non-verbal autistic sister, it offers educational institutions a tool to promote language development through digital transformation.

project fort.jpg

Project Fort is a Fitbit-style wellness dashboard for the workforce-as-a-whole, helping companies save money and take better care of their employees through proactive, data-driven insights. Co-founders Erika Modina and Santiago Arnaiz aim to put powerful health data analytics in the hands of those who can truly champion wellness across their communities.


Synthillate has created the first ever algorithm and platform for converting intellectual properties (IPs) into valuable and easily monetizable financial assets and IP derivatives. Joseph Doroja established Synthillate in December 2021.

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